Saturday, November 29, 2014

deTour 2014 - Origami Koi Installation

(U Magazine Life+Weekend - Issue471 (05 Dec 2014))

deTour 2014 - Origami Koi Installation

2014 November, origami artist Kade Chan collaborated with MobArt Gallery (HK), designed a koi installation (100x100x12cm) for deTour 2014. Each koi was made with single piece of square Earth paper without any cutting, presenting the idea Unity Is Strength.

2014年, 香港摺紙藝術家 Kade Chan 與 MobArt Gallery (HK) 合作, 為 deTour 2014 設計了一幅立體摺紙錦鯉畫, 每條錦鯉均由一張正方形大地紙, 在不經任何切割的情況下摺成, 喻意 deTour 2014 的成功有賴社會各界群策群力, 一同努力, 共創藝術。

(28 Nov - 07 Dec @ PMQ)

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