Friday, July 16, 2010

將軍澳 新都城中心「回到 70’s經典玩意樂無窮」摺紙展覽 15-07-2010

Bridal Rose

New Logo of Kade Chan 2010

Dear all,

Here is the new logo of Kade Chan,
this is the first time that i use Photoshop to design a logo...
I know it's quite simple,
but can you please leave some comments?

Best regards,
Kade Chan

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cyclommatus Metalifer 2.0 美他烈佛鍬型蟲 2.0

Cyclommatus Metalifer 2.0 美他烈佛鍬型蟲 2.0

Designed by : Satoshi KAMIYA,
Folded by : Kade Chan,
Uncut 50x50cm tissue paper,
Completed model : 15cm,
Wet folding + MC.