Saturday, July 4, 2020

SPCA Take Me Home Raffle 2020

SPCA Take Me Home Raffle 2020
The theme of this year's raffle ticket event is "Take Me Home" and the raffle ticket is designed in a square-shaped origami paper with the Maltesers print. To encourage our fellow supporters to use this beautifully designed raffle ticket and fold it into various cute creatures, we are collaborating with Mr. Chan Pak Hei (Kade Chan), the professional origami artist and cat-lover, to hold origami workshops and exhibitions for us during the event period.
香港愛護動物協會「摺」•回家 慈善獎券 2020
今年的獎券活動主題為「摺 • 回家」(Take Me Home),獎券經特別設計,內含一張印有 麥提莎 的正方形摺紙。為了鼓勵善心人士將印製精美的獎券摺成各種可愛動物,我們更特別邀請同屬愛貓之人的國際著名摺紙藝術家 陳柏熹先生 (Kade Chan) 合作,為我們在活動期內舉行「摺 • 回家」摺紙工作坊及展覽。

Gray Whale

Gray Whale
© Chan Pak Hei, Kade 2020
All Rights Reserved.
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拍攝TVB節目 藝文誌 (24 May 2020)

拍攝TVB節目 : 藝文誌 (24 May 2020)
播出日期: 2020.06.28 (日)


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Rise At Home Live (30 May 2020)

Phoenix Foundation is now offering FREE Origami Workshop (Original at HKD 1,000) on Rise At Home by world origami champion Kade Chan on 30th May 2020 (Sat) at 10am-11am. Learn how to inspire with Origami!
Scan the QR code or register here:
Full agenda on
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Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon
Designed by : Kade Chan
All rights reserved © 2020 Chan Pak Hei, Kade

新城電台節目 “原來生活好快樂” 採訪 (04 March 2020)

接受新城電台節目 “原來生活好快樂” 採訪。 (04 March 2020)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Money Origami Mouse

Traditional money origami mouse, wish you have a fruitful 2020, enjoy folding !

Origami Wild Bull 2.0

野牛 Wild Bull 2.0
Designed by : Kade Chan
All rights reserved © 2020 Chan Pak Hei, Kade
Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

Feathered Ascent

Inspired by seagull mobiles, architect-turned-artist Nicholas Cheung @_nicholascheungstudio_ designed Feathered Ascent, which features a flock of pristine doves made from one of the most reflective materials in the world that will hang over Four Seasons Hotel HK.
Designer : Nicolas Cheung
Origami Consultant : Kade Chan

Origami Safari @ The Dragonfly Bar

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Dragonfly, Kade Chan presents "Origmami Safari" ! (23 Jan 2020)