Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Money Origami Mouse

Traditional money origami mouse, wish you have a fruitful 2020, enjoy folding !

Origami Wild Bull 2.0

野牛 Wild Bull 2.0
Designed by : Kade Chan
All rights reserved © 2020 Chan Pak Hei, Kade
Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

Feathered Ascent

Inspired by seagull mobiles, architect-turned-artist Nicholas Cheung @_nicholascheungstudio_ designed Feathered Ascent, which features a flock of pristine doves made from one of the most reflective materials in the world that will hang over Four Seasons Hotel HK.
Designer : Nicolas Cheung
Origami Consultant : Kade Chan

Origami Safari @ The Dragonfly Bar

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Dragonfly, Kade Chan presents "Origmami Safari" ! (23 Jan 2020)