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Fiery Dragon Instructions ( Videos + Diagrams) - 噴火飛龍 教學 ( 影片 + 折圖 )

Copyright © Chan Pak Hei , Kade 2008 .

Official Video Tutorial :

Video Instructions :

By Tadashi Mori :

By Jo Nakashima :

(Awards of Fiery Dragon)

Origami Worldwide
Edited by John Montroll, Edited by Brian K Webb

Origami Worldwide is a collection of models created by some of the most exciting origami designers, that we have traveled the world to find. These models were collected over the past several years from folders that we had the good fortune to meet at national conventions, local group meetings, and over the internet. You will find that many countries are represented here from around the world, including: Australia, Bolivia, Chile, China, Canada, France, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, and Vietnam.

The diagrams are drawn in the internationally approved Randlett-Yoshizawa style, which is easy to follow once you have learned the basic folds. You can use any kind of square paper for these models, but the best results can be achieved using standard origami paper, which is colored on one side and white on the other. In these diagrams, the shading represents the colored side. Large sheets are easier to use than small ones. Origami supplies can be found in arts and craft shops, or visit Dover Publications online, or OrigamiUSA at You can find local and national groups practicing the art of origami around the world with online sites like Origami USA's.

In Origami Worldwide, you will find an impressive collection of origami models of varying difficulty to fold. Designers with various styles and subjects are represented. Some of the easier models are Penguin from France, Boat from India, and Frogs from England and Uruguay. Some of the unusual intermediate models are Ganesha from India, Ocean Liner from England, and Solicino (pretty Sun) from Italy. On the more complex side are the detailed Snail from Holland, Fiery Dragon from China, and Eric Joisel's Cat from France.

We want to thank all the origami designers that submitted models: Nick Robinson, Mark Bolitho, Nicolas Terry, Eric Joisel, Peter Budai, Sipho Mabona, Federico Scalambra, Nicoletta Maggino, Ryan Walsh, Helen Lee, John Szinger, Robert J. Lang, Miguel A. Callisaya, Patricio Kunz Tomic, Roman Diaz, Gareth Louis, Steven Casey, Quentin Trollip, Kuldip Thatte, Kamlesh Gandi, Fumiaki Kawahata, Nguyen Hung Cuong, and Kade Chan Pak Hei. We also give thanks to Himanshu Agrawal for folding the models for the cover. We couldn't have done it without your kindness and patience.
It is our plan that folding these models will spark a lifelong interest in this ancient art form that will then spawn new friendships for you that can span the globe and a lifetime, as it has for us.

John Montroll -
Brian K. Webb -

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  1. Great job Kade! I am in the process of making 50 of these and randomly leaving them around my college is definitley something that will be picked up and kept by random people!

    Again good job!


  2. When I was child I used to know a lot of simple origamis, today I'm 29 years old, I saw on youtube your dragon and then I decided to learn, now, a lot of people see "my dragon" and want to learn it too ;D and you have me helped to enjoy this world again :D THANKS KADE CHAN FOR YOUR GREAT JOB. ;)

    From Brazil :D


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