Sunday, January 3, 2016

Master Yoda Origami 尤達大師摺紙

Master Yoda Origami 尤達大師摺紙
Designed by Kade Chan 2016,
6 pieces of Earth Paper (2 for the body, 2 for the brown clothes, 1 for the cream-colored robe and 1 for the light saber),
© 2016 Chan Pak Hei, Kade

Sunday, November 15, 2015

PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong Alumni Cocktail 2015 (27 Nov 2015)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong Alumni Cocktail 2015 (27 Nov 2015)
Origami Butterfly © 2015 Chan Pak Hei, Kade
Commercial use forbidden.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

“One Piece Uncut” Origami Art Exhibition「一紙不切 ‧ 摺紙藝術展」

很多人都誤會了用紙做的手工藝就是摺紙, 其實摺紙藝術是必須要透過「一紙不切」去做出作品, 背後再加上數十小時的設計, 草圖, 試摺稿, 展開圖等等, 缺一不可, 並非隨手拿起紙張去摺這麼簡單 ! 由青年廣場主辦, 「一紙不切 ‧ 摺紙藝術展」將會於10月14-31日, 展出兩位著名香港摺紙藝術家 Kade Chan 及 Jacky Chan 的原創摺紙設計, 以宣揚摺紙藝術, 部份作品更是首次展出, 不容錯過 !

「一紙不切 ‧ 摺紙藝術展」
摺紙藝術家 : 陳柏熹先生 及 陳漢輝先生
日期 : 14-31 Oct 2015
時間 : 11:00-20:00
地點 : 香港柴灣柴灣道238號青年廣場2樓Y劇場
詳情 :

“One Piece Uncut” Origami Art Exhibition
Origami Artists : Kade Chan & Jacky Chan
Date : 14-31 Oct 2015
Time : 11:00-20:00
Address : Y Studio, 2/F Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Hong Kong
Details :

Origami Butterfly 摺紙蝴蝶

Origami Butterfly 摺紙蝴蝶
Designed by : Chan Pak Hei, Kade 2015
© All rights reserved.

Monday, September 28, 2015

How to make your origami looks metallic ? 如何金屬化你的摺紙作品?

Some friends asking me about how do I make my origami looks like rusted metal, actually it's quite easy. First you need an origami that made with dark color paper, better with black paper, a small brush and gold/silver enamel paints. Just take very little amount of the enamel paints and make your brush 80% dry, let the tissue paper absorb most of the paints before you paint on the origami, and then painting from the edges to the body, done ! Here's some suggested combinations of the enamel paints and paper color :
Copper = gold + brown paper
Steel = silver + black paper
Bronze = gold + green/blue paper

大埔超級城世界稀品潮螳展 - 摺紙工作坊 (19 Sept 2015)

大埔超級城世界稀品潮螳展 - 摺紙工作坊 (19 Sept 2015)

Rose by Naomiki Sato

Just received the new origami roses book of Mr. Naomiki Sato from Ms. Arimi Sano, Thank you so much !!! Highly recommended, everyone should have one, it would absolutely get you a girlfriend !!!
剛收到佐野有美小姐送來,佐滕直幹先生的摺紙玫瑰新書,內含教學DVD, 教授摺紙界最複雜的五角形摺紙玫瑰花,單身男士必備!!!
(Order here :

香港大學文學院學生會-中文學會採訪 (05 Sept 2015)